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ALERT    Alert: Accurate Anytime Learning for Energy and Timeliness in Software System

What is ALERT

Modern software systems increasingly rely on deep neural networks to perform a wide range of tasks like natural language translation and autonomous driving. The key to their success is that deep neural networks can well approximate these difficult tasks. Unfortunately, the more accurate the approximation, the more resources it takes. When deployed on mobile devices or autonomous vehicles those resource needs directly impact people as the time or energy/battery required to produce an answer. This project will tackle this crucial problem by developing sound engineering methods to make disciplined tradeoffs between neural network accuracy and resource usage in software systems. More details come soon!




  1. ALERT: Accurate Learning for Energy and Timeliness
    Chengcheng Wan, Muhammad Santriaji, Eri Rogers, Henry Hoffmann, Michael Maire, and Shan Lu,
    USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC'20).

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